What information should I put on my business card?

If you aren’t sure about what information to put on your business card, this post is for you! When designing your BC, make sure to include this:

1. The logo and tagline of your company
2. Your name and your position in the company
3. Your contact information such as phone number, fax, email address, etc.
4. Your company’s website
5. Your company’s social media accounts

It seems simple and easy, BUT… If you want your business card to stand out and be effective, make sure to do this:

1. Where do you really engage with prospects? Don’t overwhelm them, keep it simple and try to include relevant contact information.
2. Tell your story! Choose those social channels on which you’re active and highlight them. Ex. Your Facebook page, your Instagram account…
3. Show them what you do. The artwork must give your prospects a clear picture of what you do and offer.
4. Choose the nicest paper possible: Make a great first impression! You won’t have a second chance.
5. Give your business card a professional look, remember it reflects your brand image.
6. Last but not least, don’t leave them at home!